What does it cost to register my business and workers?


The cost you pay will depend on your category and the complexity of validating your registration:

  • $600 + GST
    • Category 1a; Category 1a 1408
  • $500 + GST
    • Category 1b; Category 1b 1408
  • $100 + GST
    • Category 2; Category 2 1408; Category 3
  • No cost
    • Subcontractor

This cost is for the verification of your company information and documents to WHS standards, the management of your profile, and includes access to local support teams if you need help in the system.


Worker registration costsĀ $5 + GST per person for profile verification and the supply of a plastic access ID card and e-card. The online inductions costs $10 + GST per worker each, for a total registration cost of $25 + GST.

All costs are in your local currency.